It all started one day in Grandma’s kitchen. It was an ordinary morning, with no hint of the excitement to come. Little did anyone know that this would be the day when a cookie decided he’d had enough of being baked and wanted to explore the world outside his oven!

The little chocolate gooey cookie, who we will call ‘Cookie’ for short, was getting tired of spending all his time in the warm confines of Grandma’s kitchen. He longed to escape and see what life was like beyond those four walls. So one fateful morning while everyone else was busy washing dishes or cooking breakfast, Cookie made his move.

He slowly crawled off the baking sheet and onto the counter top where he looked around nervously before jumping down onto the floor below. There it began – Cookie’s great adventure! He scurried across Grandma’s tiled floor leaving behind a trail of gooey footprints as evidence of his daring escape attempt!

He ran out through open door and into backyard wondering what exciting things he might find there. Before long however, he heard angry voices from inside calling him back home; it seemed word had quickly spread about Cookie’s escapade! Realizing that maybe now wasn’t such a good time for exploration after all, Cookie quickly scampered back into kitchen only narrowly avoiding getting caught by grumpy grandma herself!

But even though Cookie hadn’t managed to get very far on this particular outing, something within him had changed forever: he now knew that if ever felt like escaping again then nothing could stop him – not even grumpy old grandma herself! And so ended our hero’s first journey – but certainly not his last…